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What is Absorption Rate and Why Should You Care

You may or may not have heard the term “Absorption Rate” before. Prior to becoming a Realtor® I had never heard the term before. Essentially, Absorption Rate is the number of months it would take to sell off the current inventory of houses if no new properties were listed for ...

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New Mortgage Qualification Rules

You may have heard that the Department of Finance recently announced that as of October 17, 2016 the rules for qualifying for a “high ratio” mortgage will change. You can view the entire announcement HERE. The part that will affect most people is: Applying a Mortgage Rate Stress Test to ...

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New Home Measuring Guidelines

Recently, RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta) released to guidelines for the Real Estate industry to be used when measuring properties. It is called the Residential Measurement Standard or RMS for short. In my opinion, it’s been a long time coming. In the Past I know for a fact that many ...

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